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After booking an appointment a few days previously… I strolled into Lior’s salon to be greeted with an artistic sight of soft lighting and flowers, waves of hushed music, together with the aroma of a delicate perfume. A welcoming sense of warmth enveloped me… what more could one ask!

I was escorted into a most immaculate and comforting room for my treatment. I was in Lior’s capable hands, opted for a Back, scalp and neck massage to soothe and rejuvenate aching muscles, needless to say I drifted off to sleep… experiencing the tender manipulation of relaxing treatment.

I the had the ultimate, an Environ Facial, which felt magical! I was transported… on a carpet ride to paradise! The whole treatment was such a pleasurable experience I felt the benefits immediately.
I recommend Lior’s Beauty Salon to you all


Pat Solomons

Two salon treatments that changed my life.

I have made two best investments in myself that have solved ongoing problems I had, laser hair removal and the, Facial MD peel.

After being a slave to the epilator and razor for years I decided to explore a laser hair removal treatment. It has taken some time overall but I got rid of unwanted hair permanently. My skin which felt rough and hairy is now soft and smooth, and I forgot all about my nightmares of ingrown hair or unsightly re growth let alone black patches.

Facial MD skin peel made a dramatic difference to my skin. I used to spend a lot of time putting make up before going out. Now, my skin looks so healthy, glowing and much younger! People often ask me what have I done that the texture had changed so much.

I am VERY HAPPY and would be glad to share my experience with anyone. It takes one to know how it feels.

Ellena Yanovski.

I had very prominent facial hair on my chin area. It was coarse like whiskers, I had to tweeze it every few days. I tried waxing it but to no avail. Eventually I went to Lior's. I expected to go through 6 or more Laser treatments but thankfully, after only 3 I had no more re growth and the remaining hairs are hardly noticeable.

I am very pleased with results of treatment and would recommend it to anyone with unwanted hair, especially if you experience similar symptoms as mine. It is very quick and relatively painless and I wished I had done it years ago.

Aisha Khalaique.

Dear Lior,

I am delighted with the result of the laser treatment. My under arms, feet, chin and lip are cleared of those black hairs. Thank you for your care and dedication and carrying the treatments in such a professional manner, alleviating my worries and concerns, explaining every step with such gentle touch. I feel so indebted to you and would gladly recommend it anyone: "If you feel inhibited with unsightly hair, if you need to feel rejuvenated, it's only a phone call away. You will feel so much better."

Yehudit Allusuch.

Following 9 IPL treatments, I discovered
a "NEW ME".

My confidence is high and I have been able to tie my hair back without worrying unsightly hair on my face. I was pleasantly surprised that my skin is much more refined and has greatly benefited from the IPL treatments, which is an added bonus.

Needless to say that the treatment had changed my life and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who has unwanted hair should not hesitate to embark on a permanent hair removal. You will not regret it!

Ruth Kissos.

Dear Lior,

I have been enjoying regular massages and facial from different practitioners around globe, as my work takes me far and wide. When Jill recommended you to me I was pleased to try your services. I believe I am one of the lucky few to the recipient of your knowledge and technique. It is a unique experience to be cared for from head to toe in a most loving thorough and professional manner. I look and feel radiant after my treatments with you no doubt had enhanced my well being.

Natasha K.

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