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In-clinic treatment

The fastest way to safely whiten your teeth is with a Pearlys in-clinic power whitening treatment (sometimes called a laser treatment).

After a full consultation with plenty of opportunity to ask any questions you and your specialist will check the pre-treatment colour of your teeth. You will then be invited to lie on the treatment couch and a cheek retractor will gently hold your lips and tongue away from your teeth. A cream gum dam will be painted onto the very tops of your teeth and hardened with a curing light – this completely protects your gums during the procedure. 2-3 applications of Pearlys whitening gel, each taking 8-12 minutes, will effectively lift the staining from inside the tooth (the staining that you can’t remove with brushing). The whitening gel is activated using the Pearlys whitening light (or ‘laser’).

After the treatment you will check the post treatment colour of your teeth and note the difference. On average teeth are lightened by 8-12 shades but it does vary depending on the level of pre-treatment staining (the more stained the teeth the bigger the difference).


You are not suitable for Pearlys in-clinic laser treatment if you are epileptic, pregnant, breast feeding or if you have any untreated dental problems. If you have any doubts about the health of your teeth you need to see your dentist prior to treatment.


  1. Customised Tray £95
  2. Laser teeth whitening £155
  3. Teeth whitening pen £29

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